Useful Tools
  1. Audacity - audio clip editting tool
  2. Dimsum - dictionary that runs local on a computer
  3. Screen Hunter - screen capture tool
  4. Virus scan - free from AVG

1. Audacity - Download free Audio Editor and Recorder (e.g. 1.3.3 Beta version)
1.1 from “”
1.2 Download lame_enc.dll from “”
1.3 copy it to \windows\system32
1.4 When you create an MP3 files for the first time, audacity will ask you for the folder where lame_enc.dll resides.

2. Dimsum - Electronic dictionary 2.1 go to
2.2 For windows, click on "DimSum setup program" link under Automatic Install. A file by the name DimSumSetup.exe of size 4,519 KB is downloaded.
2.3 Double click "DimSumSetup" after you saved it.
2.4 click "Run" on the pop-up window.
2.5 Then, click "Next>", "Next>", "Next>", "Next>", "Install", "Finish".
2.6 An icon is created on the desktop.
2.7 When "DimSum Chinese Tools" is running for the first time, a pop-up windows alerts us about Java(TM) 2, click "Unblock".
2.8 Click "OK". DimSum preference comes up. Just click on "Apply". Then "OK".
2.9 If you want this tool to pronounce for you, click "Tools" command on top of DimSum when it's running.
2.10 Then click on sound enable. A file of 17 MB is downloaded and the sound is enabled next time you run DimSum.

3. Screen Hunter
3.1 Screen Hunter 4.0 can be downloaded free by clicking on "download" at ""

4. Virus Scan
4.1 AVG virus scan can be downloaded free by clicking on "Free version" next to "Free versionAVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 7.5" at: